The Five Year Plan

Economic Development

Annual Cost $130,000 - Five Year Cost $650,000

  • Recruit targeted new businesses compatible with our existing business & industry.
  • Attract new high-skilled workers.
  • Forge strong alliances among local, state, & federal government agencies.
  • Secure federal funding to continue implementation of the Railroad Relocation Plan.
  • Advocate for incentives to encourage urban infill and redevelopment.
  • Establish Property Development Grant Program to aid existing building owners in modifying their building exteriors.
  • Expand and enhance services to existing business and industry.
  • Advocate Pro-Business Permitting Regulations and Practices.

Community Master Plan

Annual Cost $120,000 - Five Year Cost $600,000

  • Develop and implement a community-wide master plan for the Greater Greer area to determine what the community will be like in 2030.
  • Develop and implement a community plan for beautification of entranceways and gateway corridors with development standards.
  • Develop a plan for a Visitors Bureau, Visitors Center and other tourism opportunities.
  • Establish a task force to determine how we can capitalize on healthcare as a "destination" for Greer.
  • Develop a Transporation Master Plan to include traffic, parking, garage, multi-modal, and pedestrian.

Quality of Life

 Annual Cost $40,000 - Five Year Cost $200,000

  • Maintain an environment of beauty and developing a friendly, outgoing community spirit.
  • Establish a task force to determine "quality of life" issues and amenities for the Greater Greer Area and establish a program to implement their findings.
  • Advocate the development of a cultural arts center.
  • Create venues to establish and exhibit public art.
  • Promote quality education in Greer public schools.


Annual Cost $30,000 - Five Year Cost $10,000

  • Support marketing and branding efforts to further Partnership projects and programs.
  • Commuunicate regularly with the Greer area PFT shareholders to monitor the progress of this program.