Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Partnership For Tomorrow (PFT)?

The PFT is a community initiative for the future of Greer. The PFT was formed in 1998 by a concerned group of business, civic, government and community leaders to address the issues and concerns related to the growth of the Greater Greer community and the opportunities it would bring to the area. With significant and positive results of their first two five-year plans, the Board of Trustees of the PFT is continuing their work with a new Strategic Plan to guide their actions over the next five years, and encouraging continued and increased participation of corporate, community and government leaders in meeting the future needs of the Greater Greer community.

What is the mission of the Partnership For Tomorrow?

The mission of the PFT is to provide the City of Greer and surrounding areas with the resources necessary to address a variety of issues that will benefit our community and make Greer a better place to live and work.

Who developed the Strategic Plan for this initiative?

The Strategic Plan grew out of a series of meetings and discussions with the Partnership For Tomorrow Board of Trustees and Greer community leaders. In addition, sixty business, government, education and community leaders participated in a comprehensive feasibility analysis to gauge the level of philosophical and financial support for the proposed five-year program. The results of that research were reported to the Board of Trustees of the Partnership who unanimously approved the report and authorized this initiative in August 2008.

What are the major components of the Strategic Plan?

There are four major components to the PFT Strategic Plan: (1) Economic Development (2) Community Master Plan (3) Quality of Life (4) Communications

Who is leading the new Partnership For Tomorrow initiative?

The Board of Trustees will lead the new Partnership For Tomorrow initiative. The board is comprised of:

Officers and Committee Chairs
Jack Lucas, GrandSouth Bank (Chairman of the Board)
Ken Harper, Countybank (Vice Chairman / Oversight Committee Chairman)
Russ Braasch, Industrial Project Innovation (Treasurer)
Sam Floyd, Mitsubishi Polyester Film (Nominating Committee Chairman)
Ed Driggers, The City of Greer (Community Master Plan Committee Chairman)
Marjorie Dowd, Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce (Quality of Life Committee Chairman)
John Mansure, Greer Memorial Hospital System (Communications / Investor Relations Comittee Co-Chair)
Denise VandenBerghe, Wild Ace Pizza & Pub (Communications / Investor Relations Committee Co-Chair)
Reno Deaton, Greer Development Corporation (Economic Development Committee Chairman)
Larry Wilson (Transition Chairman)

Board Members at Large
Mike Richard/Alison Rauch, Greer Commission of Public Works
Brian Martin, Brian A. Martin Attorney At Law
Tony Kouskolekas, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System
Chuck Langston, Langston Black Real Estate
Amanda Sommers, SSI
Russell Ashmore, Ashmore Brothers
David Langley, Langley and Associates Architects, LLC
Mark Thornton, T2 Design and Construction, LLC
Nick Spiak, Gusto Seafood
Jennifer Jones, Citizens Building & Loan
Scott Stevens,
William Marcus, United Community Bank
Justin Hill, Bank of Travelers Rest
Jill Waters, BB&T
Jim Boyd, CresCom Bank
Keith Smith, Keith Smith Builders

Who will manage and oversee the implementation of this initiative?

The Board of Trustees of the PFT with input from corporate and community leaders including those leading the initiative will oversee and manage the implementation of the initiative, including the approval of all expenditures. A complete list of the Partnership For Tomorrow Board of Trustees is on included this folder.

Who will benefit from the PFT campaign?

Every business, every professional, and every citizen in the Greater Greer Area will benefit. Economic and community development has a positive effect across the entire county. Expansions of existing business and industry, new entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as new business and industry will create thousands of new jobs, millions in new capital investments thus enhancing the quality of life for all Greer?s citizens.

What will it cost to implement this five-year initiative?

This new five-year initiative will cost $320,000 per year for each year of the plan, or $1.6 million over the five-year period of implementation.

How will funds raised by PFT be used?

Annual funding will be used as follows: (1) Economic Development $130,000 yearly (2) Community Master Plan $120,000 yearly (3) Quality of Life $40,000 yearly (4) Communications $ 30,000 yearly

Will we receive recognition of our investment in Partnership For Tomorrow?

Yes. At the conclusion of the PFT campaign, an Honor Roll of Investors will be published in the local newspaper and a plague erected at the PFT in honor of all who are sponsoring this extraordinary five-year program.

Will we be kept informed of the progress and achievements of PFT?

Yes. As an investor in this PFT initiative you will receive periodic reports regarding the progress of this initiative as well as an invitation to attend the PFT annual meeting.

Is our investment in Partnership For Tomorrow tax-deductible?

An investment in the PFT may be tax deductible as a trade/business expense. PFT also has a 501(c)(3) Foundation. However, you should contact your tax professional for specific information and advice.

How much should we pledge?

Each pledge request for PFT has been carefully considered and evaluated. A volunteer executive will contact you to arrange an appointment to answer any questions you may have about PFT and to discuss your five-year investment in this important program.

How was the amount of my pledge request determined?

A select committee of corporate and community leaders representing all business sectors in the Greater Greer Area carefully determined each pledge request in the PFT campaign. This Campaign Evaluation Committee considered the financial capacity of each corporate prospect as well as their leadership position in our community before suggesting a target pledge request.

How can I get additional information about Partnership For Tomorrow?

Contact Reno Deaton or Angela Rutland at at 864-416-0125. You may also email your questions to